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A former Pakistani ambassador to the US has taken upon himself to act on behalf of the Indian lobby to tarnish Pakistan’s image at a most opportune time for India. He wants the state to ‘reimagine’ itself and rid itself of its obsession with India if it wishes to become a stable country in the future—this is most damaging to Pakistan especially at a time when the country is grappling with challenges of gargantuan proportions. The individual’s role as the chief architect of the secret memorandum issued while serving as Pakistan’s ambassador to the US is a well-known fact. In attempting to appear non-partisan and even patriotic, the said individual has gone far enough to imply in his writings that this is perhaps the critique needed to put the country back on the path towards prosperity.


Of course, the anti-Pakistan bias is glaringly evident when the very ideology that brought the marginalized peoples in pre-partition India together for the formation of a new homeland by asserting the right to self-determination is attacked. The most ridiculous fact in this entire smear campaign remains that a man who clearly opposes all that Pakistan stands for, discredits the sacrifices of those who worked night and day to ‘cut a revolution out of the heart of history’ (in the words of Mr. Bhutto) once felt comfortable representing it. Some time into the job, burdened by his conscience, he sought American help to cut the ‘military establishment’ to size having little regard for his professional duties and Pakistani sovereignty in general. It is perhaps also worthy of mention that he has served not once but thrice as an adviser to three former Pakistani Prime Ministers: had he actually been a neutral individual, his critique of the Pakistani state and ideology would have carried some weight.

Additionally, being the champion of civilian supremacy, he perhaps appreciates the importance of forging a consensus better than common folk. If that were truly the case, then both professional and personal integrity should have compelled the self-styled democrat to walk the talk. Posing as a ‘hostage’ in Pakistan, the diplomat-turned author has the sympathies of the west on his side and all the encouragement that he needs. He now pens articles with a singular theme that claim that Pakistan’s only salvation lies in submission to the will of the powerful and the tormentors from its past. Not only is this preposterous, defeatist narrative sickening, it is telling of the fact that in today’s world, the ‘intelligentsia’ can become an effective weapon in the hands of the powerful and can help propagate the narrative that is well in-sync with its agenda.

By Shehzad Malik
The author is a Pakistani researcher based in the US with a Masters degree in International Relations.  


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  • Muzaffar Sheikh

    This man is a sell-out! Who does he think he’s fooling?

  • Khaled Hossain

    Know your enemies, Pakistan…. Know that when someone harms you from outside, it can unmistakably be taken for granted that someone at some level within the state’s infrastructure was complicit..

  • Omar Farooque

    Actually, he might have a point. We need to work on shaping a new narrative for Pakistan. But his equation with India and the West mars the legitimacy of his arguments. And then, there’s the Memogate episode….

  • Salman Azeem

    Started off as a Jamatiya, now I’m an academic? Haha Haqqani, what a joke.

  • Zafar Ahmed

    What an opportunist! Playing the victim card now…

  • Brad Hartford

    Just scrolling through these comments. Interesting to note that most people agree with the
    text of the article. To be fair his track-record makes him appear sketchy.

  • Riaz Bhatti

    My comment here:
    Did I expect something better from Mr Hussain Haqqani…. definitely not. I believe he was responsible for infiltrating hundreds of US CIA agents into Pakistan to work against Pakistan military and ISI… him and that other traitor Rehman Malik!

  • Murtaza Ehsan

    Please have the decency to accept the guilt, sir. You conspired against the very state that took you to great heights of ‘intellectual’ stardom.

  • Muhammad Iqbal Saahu

    Yeah, go ahead and write a memo to Mullen and ask for help to put the military in its place! That’s good for your career! Pakistan ka khuda haafiz!!!!!!