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The BRICS Declaration and Pak-China Relations

Modi-XI Handshake BRICS

Following the end of the 73 day India-China standoff at Doklam, the BRICS summit was held in Xiamen, China from September 3-5. Previously, the ongoing Doklam dispute had complicated the possibility of China hosting its annual summit successfully with India in the mix. However, coincidentally days before the BRICS summit was scheduled the Indian PM confirmed he will be visiting …

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The attack on the Army Public School, two years ago, was not only a direct and unprecedented threat to the well-being, survival, and integrity of a nation, but was a fragile time that required deep reflection followed by direct action. While fear and anxiety often leads to anger and violence, in this case, anger and violence seemed to be the …

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RAW antics

In an article titled ‘Why Does Pakistan Accuse Indian Spies of Terrorism’ Mr Michael Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC comes out strongly in support of India’s intelligence agency RAW and blames Pakistan’s military for the whole business of blaming a fresh smelling rose like RAW for foul and rotten deeds. The motivation for Pakistan’s military to …

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The darkness within

Saad Aziz’s confession with regards to his involvement in perhaps the most high profile target killing incidents (Safoora chowk massacre and Sabeen Mehmood’s murder) in recent times seemed like a convenient all-in-one package that helped the state seal the controversial cases. Speculating the odd timing and circumstances behind the confession is a rather futile exercise. However, what is of greater …

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The snooze button

I shall refrain from talking about how devastated or heartbroken I feel after the tragedy that took place in Peshawar on Tuesday. Mainly because it is a futile exercise as I am struggling to find the words to express what I am feeling. I will also refrain from delving into the details and statistics, because our sensationalist media has done …

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PML-N’s Paranoia

PML-N Paranoia

Recent statements by PML-N leaders show their complete lack of self-confidence regarding how they have governed Pakistan in a little over six months. Despite acquiring the mandate to govern the federation and the country’s largest province, statements by the Interior Minister regarding the Opposition’s so-called plans for precipitating “mid-term” elections – especially when the incumbent government has more than four …

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PTI’s Moral Dilemma

Imran Khan

Finally after having secured a provincial government, that too in the most vulnerable region of Pakistan, Khan’s voice for change has been put to test. A recent move on the PTI-Chairman’s part, of NATO supply blockade has been challenged by supporters of the party, competitors, and those predisposed to bearing the brunt of what security blunders our state has made. …

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