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Pakistan needs to focus on China and Russia, USA remains delusional

Dangerous delusions Currently, Pakistan-US relations are at their lowest ever over the past 70 years. The most obvious reason for this is the divergence between the two sides over the Afghan endgame. But the underlying reason is the global systemic transformation marked by the efforts of a declining US to contain the emergence of a rising China as a strategic …

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Peace and stability in Afghanistan – China

China ready to work for Afghan peace, stability China will take some ‘major steps’ towards reviving the Afghan reconciliation process and has made its due contribution in this regard, a Chinese official said on Monday. Yao Wen, a councilor at Asian Affairs Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told Asian countries journalists, that political negotiations were the only solution to …

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The case of FATA

Recently, there has been talk that the FATA parliamentarians have called for the region to be merged with and administered by the province of KP. Much needed light has been shone on to perhaps the most ignored territory in the country that is strife with judicial and constitutional issues. As rightly pointed out in an editorial featured in DAWN, the …

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Ataturk’s Turkey: A Dream Gone Sour

Erdogan Vs Zia

Winston Churchill said, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” If individuals who are in a position of authority do not learn from history and repeat past mistakes, the effects are felt by the whole population he or she is responsible for. For this very reason it is expected that world leaders keep a keen …

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Fair’s unfair affair with Pakistan

Christine Fair’s most recent article (tirade) — ‘America’s Pakistan Policy is Sheer Madness’ is a true masterpiece of distortion and opinionated utterances. She calls members of the US Congress, White House, Departments of Defense and State pusillanimous besides faulting them for not just a flawed policy but a policy that harms US interests. Strong words from a lady who is …

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The snooze button

I shall refrain from talking about how devastated or heartbroken I feel after the tragedy that took place in Peshawar on Tuesday. Mainly because it is a futile exercise as I am struggling to find the words to express what I am feeling. I will also refrain from delving into the details and statistics, because our sensationalist media has done …

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All-out operation against TTP unlikely, but targeted operation unavoidable

The administration of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who came to power last year promising to find a negotiated peace with the Taliban, has been trying to engage the militants in talks but these efforts have faltered in past weeks. The Pakistan Army on Wednesday said more than 100 soldiers had been killed by Taliban militants in the last five months: …

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A change of heart

Afghan War

A question in dire need of tackling: whether or not we can ‘go get ‘em’? In the recent years Pakistan has contemplated many possible solutions to our biggest problem. As the Venn diagram of possibilities expanded to the likes Sequoiadendron giganteu, the people remain equally perplexed. We place the blame on our leaders’ shoulders, while the government remains silent, except …

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Change that Pakistan believed in…

PTI Change

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) or Movement for Justice Party promised many changes, but the changes and transformations it has itself undergone – by plan and design, or by twists of fate – have surprised, startled, and even disappointed many Pakistanis, including their followers and voters The PTI started out as a political party in the late 1990s, led by a …

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PTI’s Moral Dilemma

Imran Khan

Finally after having secured a provincial government, that too in the most vulnerable region of Pakistan, Khan’s voice for change has been put to test. A recent move on the PTI-Chairman’s part, of NATO supply blockade has been challenged by supporters of the party, competitors, and those predisposed to bearing the brunt of what security blunders our state has made. …

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