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The Gadani tragedy

The death toll from the explosion and fire at Gadani ship-breaking yard last week has risen to 26. More than 50 others were wounded in the incident when a gas cylinder exploded and started a fire inside an oil tanker at one of the yards. The tragic incident at Gadani received little or no attention for the first few days …

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Pakistan FM talks about converting Islamic economic system

After experiencing privatisation over the past decades, this time around the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is all set for Islamisation of the entire economic system of the country. “We need to change our perception (about Islamic financing) and invest in research as a core ingredient of our strategic objective which is to Islamise the whole economic system,” said …

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Time is money, not anymore

To join or not to join the Saudi led coalition in Yemen- is the question that haunts Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif these days. On one side there are the optics of Yemen war and on the other, personal ties of Sharif family with the Saudi Kingdom. The situation is further complicated by the longstanding economic and military Pak-Saudi ties. While …

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