Saturday , 16 December 2017
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President Obama appoints a Muslim as a Federal Judge

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated Abid Qureshi, the first Muslim-American, to serve as judge on the federal judiciary, Huffington Post reported. This is the first such judicial nomination in the country’s history. “I am pleased to nominate Qureshi to serve on the United States District Court bench,” Obama said in a statement. “I am confident he will serve the American people with integrity …

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My Name is Ozymandias, King of Kings

Now that a concluding dose is indeed likely to be administered to the Empire building dream, its time to take a look at the hows and whys of it all. While the American colonial goliath lies wheezing at the callused feet of its adversaries in Afghanistan, its commander General Stanley McChrystal has been fired by President Obama for his indiscrete …

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