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FIA’s crackdown on anti-army bloggers

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has identified dozens of suspects involved in what it calls an “organised” campaign against the country’s armed forces on social media, even as opposition parties condemned the alleged “misuse” of the cybercrime law by the government. In fact, opposition parties even pledged to fight for supporters of the ruling party, who had been rounded up …

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Politics of Power in Pakistan

Military has a very unique association with the political system of Pakistan. Perhaps this is the only country, or one of the very few countries, in the world where such a love-hate relationship exists between the armed forces and politicians. Though there is nothing wrong with having the army’s defined role in the national policy-making process, in the case of …

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Sponsors of Hate and Dissent

Pakistan Army adopted a step-wise journey to attain peace in Pakistan’s largest province: Balochistan. The institution educated, warned and then fought with the misguided masses that got in hold of anti-state elements orchestrating designs to fulfill their masters’ orders. It was clear that the only thing they wanted was to cause an internal conflict and then separation of Pakistan’s heartland …

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Time is money, not anymore

To join or not to join the Saudi led coalition in Yemen- is the question that haunts Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif these days. On one side there are the optics of Yemen war and on the other, personal ties of Sharif family with the Saudi Kingdom. The situation is further complicated by the longstanding economic and military Pak-Saudi ties. While …

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Politics of Karachi operation

Karachi Operation Politics

The high level meeting of the provincial apex committee responsible for the implementation of the anti-terror National Action Plan in Karachi has shifted the focus back on Karachi operation. Chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, this meeting was attended by Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, Corps Commander Karachi Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar, DG ISI Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar, …

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The historical baggage prevails

Lately, the whispers of military intervention or backing of the ‘revolutionaries’ have been toned down. Is this toning down attributable to the political developments elsewhere such as Imran Khan’s extension of his ‘revolution’ to other parts of the country or is it the incessant clarifications protruding out from the ISPR? It’s a bit of both and some other factors, of …

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Military coup not on the cards

Pakistan Crisis

Pakistan has been abuzz with speculations regarding a military takeover amidst the current political deadlock, spanning over more than a month now. Recently, a well renowned news channel reported Army Chief’s advice to the PM to resign, while on the same day, another news channel claimed that government is likely to ask the COAS to resign, both denied by officials …

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All-out operation against TTP unlikely, but targeted operation unavoidable

The administration of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who came to power last year promising to find a negotiated peace with the Taliban, has been trying to engage the militants in talks but these efforts have faltered in past weeks. The Pakistan Army on Wednesday said more than 100 soldiers had been killed by Taliban militants in the last five months: …

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