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Modi lies, defies and then hides

Congress Asks Modi to Shed ‘Stubbornness’, Clarify Remarks Against Manmohan Congress leader Anand Sharma held the “obduracy” of the prime minister and the attitude of the government as being responsible for the impasse in Parliament, that continued with a washout of the proceedings in the Rajya Sabha for a fourth day on Thursday. The Congress on Thursday asked Prime Minister …

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India to go to critical polls next month

Five Indian states will go to polls next month, including the most populous Uttar Pradesh, which will see a seven-phase election lasting a month, it was officially announced on Wednesday. The election commission set the ball rolling for what promises to be a keen contest between Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP and a resolute but fractious opposition. Uttarakhand, bordering Nepal …

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India’s Pakistan blame game – A threat to entire region

One sure sign of a failed state is that for every failure there is an scapegoat to lay the blame on. Fundamentalist government of PM Modi is slowly converting India into a failed state. For every security failure of their own they blame Pakistan for sponsoring terrorists for which they have yet to convince the world with evidence. Some states …

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PM Modi’s failure of diplomacy in occupied Kashmir

During his election campaign Indian PM Modi was considered a light weight in foreign affairs. On the domestic front his fundamentalist views were considered anathema to the secular ethos of Indian democracy. On both fronts he has proven to be a failure. Violence to punish consumption of beef against non-Hindus is on the rise creating unrest among Indian Muslims and …

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Sorry India, you are neither incredible nor shining

Recent events have cast a dark cloud over Mr. Modi’s shining India. Instead of wearing the mantle of being the largest secular democracy—Modi’s India is decidedly nonsecular in an incredible way. Since Mr. Modi took charge the carefully cultivated image of India being all things Gandhian has taken a nosedive. Bellicose posturing by the Modi Sarkar has led to the …

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Whither India?

Happy Narendra Modi

Last week, a mob lynched a Muslim man in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh over rumors that he had slaughtered a calf and eaten beef. This is India—under Modi’s rule. The ethos is being re-defined to take on a narrow, exclusivist vision for the world’s largest democracy. It is a dangerous pursuit—next-door neighbor Pakistan is already knee-deep in a war to …

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