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PTI post elections

The initial outcome of the elections produced a less than decisive outcome for PTI- despite emerging as the most favored party- it still fell short on the minimum benchmark to form its governments in Center. Key party members- especially Jehangir Tareen- were depicted in social media memes for concentrated efforts in trying to tilt independent candidates and smaller parties in …

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Elections on our minds

Elections sans hype Where is the beef? Despite general elections just a month away the hype and excitement traditionally associated with them is conspicuously missing. Perhaps the action will start soon after political parties finalize their respective panels. Right now the two main contenders are embroiled in dealing with dissent within their own parties over the process of awarding party …

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Has PTI introduced democracy into Pakistan’s politics?

In most democracies, political parties are not a monolith but rather have multiple views and voices on policy and politics. Offering alternate narratives are not considered disloyalty to the party or damage to party prospects. In Pakistan, most media present political parties as a monolith controlled by a civilian dictator and disagreement with the top man is presented as a …

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Senate Elections A Wake-up Call For Political Parties

First the positives. It is a good thing that Baluchistan got its first Chairman Senate. It has a symbolic value for the strengthening of the federation and to counter the narrative by some international sponsors that Baluchistan wants separation. The successful conclusion of Senate elections is a step forward towards general elections. Completion of tenure by the second elected civilian …

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PAT, PTI & PPP versus PML-N

Dr. Tahir ul Qadri in an interview with a television channel expressed his admiration for American brand Bed Bath & Beyond and decided that his next protest movement should be branded as Dharna & Beyond. I am not joking this is exactly what he said in the interview. Keeping his old tradition, he also said that this is the final movement and he is confident that they …

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Party leaders speak up against Ayesha Gulalai

A former PTI election candidate from PK-8, Peshawar, Shehzad Khan, has claimed that MNA Ayesha Gulalai had asked party chairman Imran Khan in his presence for the party’s ticket to contest the next NA-1 Peshawar election. He told a news conference here on Wednesday that he led a delegation of transporters and pushcart owners from KP to Imran Khan’s residence …

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Another PPP member slides to PTI

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would be losing another old guard this Friday when party’s former president Punjab Imtiaz Safdar Warraich will formally quit the party, The Nation has learnt reliably. The former state minister from Gujranwala has decided to quit the PPP and is likely to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Well-placed sources told The Nation that Warraich was all …

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Panamagate: A verdict that kind of tilts in Sharif’s favor

Panamagate: A verdict that kind of tilts in Sharif's favor

The air of anticipation hanging over the courtroom no.1 of the Supreme Court was so thick on Thursday that it could be cut with a knife. Opposition politicians and government ministers started arriving here right after 1 o’clock, looking for seats that offered the best view. The courtroom was swarming with lawyers – young and old – as they elbowed …

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Misinterpreting PTI historic moves in KP

Mainstream media, which otherwise never miss any news connected with Imran Khan, conveniently ignored or underplayed a major announcement from the PTI Chief that Quran will be taught with translations in KPK schools. Imran Khan termed the decision “historic” but media generally ignored or underplayed it.  On Feb 6, Imran Khan announced through his tweets, “KP cabinet took 3 historic …

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