Wednesday , 18 October 2017

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Connection between Pakistan’s political misfortunes and its economic cycles

In the backdrop of the drama surrounding the Panama Papers, it has become imperative to look into the connection between Pakistan’s political fortunes and its economic cycles. In order to grasp the story completely, one has to start from the country’s very first economic cycle. After World War II and the years leading up to Partition, the transition from a …

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The Panama verdict, and CPEC

The spokespersons of the prime minister have been trying to convince the people that the prime minister is being targeted due to CPEC. However, such claims seem rather baseless. Undoubtedly, India and the US would want political instability and even martial law in Pakistan. But if there is one country which wishes a strong, stable and peaceful Pakistan, it is …

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Real solution for Afghan crisis

Afghanistan has multidimensional issues. One set of issues stems from internal structural causes. The second set stems from involvement of other countries that too impacts the internal structural issues. The cumulative effect of both is an unstable Afghanistan, insecure lives and ways of livelihoods for her people and no end in sight to the ongoing conflict resulting from September 11, …

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The commonality in Trump and Putin’s western ideology

In a year of surreal political developments, a curious flipping of the script is playing out in Washington: Democrats furious about reports of alleged Russian interference in the American electoral process are the main ones banging the drum about Kremlin perfidy; conservatives, once at the vanguard of the Cold War, are now more circumspect in their criticism of Moscow and, in some instances, …

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Is Muslim world being systematically changed

In the 6th century, the entire Arab Peninsula had sunk into the morass of depravation and delinquency. The two super powers of the time, Romans (Byzantine Empire) and Persians (Sassanian Empire) were situated in the west and east of Arabian Peninsula respectively and were antagonists. The 28 year-war (602-630 A.D.) had drained the two empires and decay had begun to …

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US elections to change the political landscape

A Snapshot of a Multipolar World in Action. In the strangest election year in recent American history — one in which the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson couldn’t even conjure up the name of a foreign leader he “admired” while Donald Trump remained intent on building his “fat, beautiful wall” and “taking” Iraq oil — the world may be out of …

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