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The Belt and Road Forum comes to an end: What’s next for Pakistan?

The two-day Belt and Road Forum (BRF), held in Beijing on May 14 and 15, to discuss the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative drew the attention of several major regional actors. President Xi Jinping stressed the economic significance of the initiative and PM Nawaz Sharif echoed his stance as he invited other countries to join CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) and …

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Afghanistan and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Afghanistan has been incredibly vocal about its interest in the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Since October 2016, the country has expressed a strong desire to join the multi-billion dollar project. Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, reiterated this desire further stressing that the benefits of a development project of this scale would be far-reaching, and not …

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Pakistan, India soon to become SCO members

India and Pakistan will become full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at the SCO Astana summit in June 2017. The groundwork for the inclusion of India and Pakistan was laid back in 2014 at the Dushanbe summit where the procedure to take in new members was finalized. The organization presently has Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan …

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CPEC is not just a name of a road

CPEC to bolster civil aviation industry. With the enhanced business and economic activities and establishment of new economic industrial zones in the country under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the civil aviation industry would get a significant boost. Under the mega project of CPEC, several new economic and industrial zones would be established in various parts of the country which would …

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Analyzing Pakistan’s latest FDI figures

Pakistan Eurobonds

According to recent figures posted by the State Bank, Pakistan has been the recipient of Foreign Direct Investment amounting to around $540.2 million from July through November, which reflects an increase of 8.7% when compared with the same period from the last fiscal year.  The driving force behind this rise have been the whopping inflows from China amounting to $334.6 …

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Delusional Times

The central problem confronting India in the region is no longer Pakistan or China. It is Delusions of Grandeur! The recent article by Dhruva Jaishankar has proven one thing, foreign policy magazine should change it’s about us sections’ description. Instead of saying a ‘trusted adviser for global leaders when the stakes are high’ it should lead with propaganda experts for …

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Sinking deeper

It has been noted by various analysts and observers of Pakistan’s economic trajectory that the country is in a debt trap. The jubilation and exuberance around bringing in foreign exchange is now being met with a heavy dose of reality. This is also to be viewed in the context of the lackluster response to Pakistan’s attempt to raise debt by …

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Fighting Wildfire

As fate would have it, the world’s second largest economy is slowing down. Whether or not it is destined for a hard landing or not is yet to be seen. Despite the dismissiveness of the West in particular to China’s rise to prominence in the international economic arena, the recent volatility in the global markets has made it clear just …

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Hiccups from the Chinese Hangover

Pessimism is afloat globally since China’s ‘Black Monday’ sparked off recessionary threats. It not only ruined the mollycoddled investors to shrink out of the economy but petrified their thinking. Excluding the Oil melodrama, analysts report that a huge baggage of $8 trillion has been lost in the investment circles. China, as the world’s largest economy in the Purchasing Power Parity …

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