Thursday , 17 January 2019

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The BRICS Declaration and Pak-China Relations

Modi-XI Handshake BRICS

Following the end of the 73 day India-China standoff at Doklam, the BRICS summit was held in Xiamen, China from September 3-5. Previously, the ongoing Doklam dispute had complicated the possibility of China hosting its annual summit successfully with India in the mix. However, coincidentally days before the BRICS summit was scheduled the Indian PM confirmed he will be visiting …

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Pakistan must reject US aid and exit the war on terror, says Imran Khan

Pakistan must reject US aid and exit the war on terror, says Imran Khan Former cricket star and would-be prime minister calls for increased civilian rule and claims American backing ‘enslaves country’ Pakistan must detach itself from American influence and pull out of the “war on terror” in order to create prosperity and achieve regional peace, Imran Khan, the Pakistani …

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The Belt and Road Forum comes to an end: What’s next for Pakistan?

The two-day Belt and Road Forum (BRF), held in Beijing on May 14 and 15, to discuss the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative drew the attention of several major regional actors. President Xi Jinping stressed the economic significance of the initiative and PM Nawaz Sharif echoed his stance as he invited other countries to join CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) and …

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Trump: the quest for big money

Estranged from the core American narrative of preserving global security and ensuring freedom, Trumps campaign days narrative was largely centered around efficient money management. Despite certain tweaks to initial prospective visions, one notices his continuing adherence to preserving smooth cash flows. He may well be the only US president in the recent past who gave precedence to Afghanistan’s wealth over …

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Afghanistan and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Afghanistan has been incredibly vocal about its interest in the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Since October 2016, the country has expressed a strong desire to join the multi-billion dollar project. Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, reiterated this desire further stressing that the benefits of a development project of this scale would be far-reaching, and not …

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The Writing on the Wall

There are worldwide trends that cannot be ignored. Brexit has ignited a debate on the present state and the future of globalization and it is even being said that a process of de-globalization is underway as countries look inwards and chart new courses for the future. Pakistan has yet to debate the impact of Brexit. —-“Worldwide, an anti-establishment revolt has …

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Fair’s unfair affair with Pakistan

Christine Fair’s most recent article (tirade) — ‘America’s Pakistan Policy is Sheer Madness’ is a true masterpiece of distortion and opinionated utterances. She calls members of the US Congress, White House, Departments of Defense and State pusillanimous besides faulting them for not just a flawed policy but a policy that harms US interests. Strong words from a lady who is …

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Pakistan’s sovereignty must be respected

Pakistan has stopped NATO supplies through Torkham in response to public outcry against brazen NATO helicopters’ strike on a FC post in Kurram agency that killed three troops and injured three others. The attacking helicopters strafed Pakistani post on Thursday morning at 5.30 am and then after about four hours. In a cover up statement, NATO has, however, tried to …

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