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Sponsors of Hate and Dissent

Pakistan Army adopted a step-wise journey to attain peace in Pakistan’s largest province: Balochistan. The institution educated, warned and then fought with the misguided masses that got in hold of anti-state elements orchestrating designs to fulfill their masters’ orders. It was clear that the only thing they wanted was to cause an internal conflict and then separation of Pakistan’s heartland while the nation was on its route to development. These people (enemies of state) tried to handle the state’s shaft in their own hands and endeavored to misguide patriotic Balochs’ to establish their internationally financed agenda. Many among the youth who mistakenly took the rebellious route have now understood the true picture and thus laid down their arms. Terrorists thus are now on the spree. Examples include Dr. Mannan Baloch (now dead) and his advocate Mr. Malik Siraj Akbar, now an ‘internationally acclaimed educated blogger’.

Like his previous stints, Mr. Siraj Akbar has yet again failed to build up his case. He wanted to use the United States to perpetuate the never-to-happen separation of Balochistan, forgetting that these are Pakistan’s internal issues thus there can be no better judge and solution-generator for the impinging problems other than the state itself. Pakistan has never intruded with the internal affairs of U.S.A and thus expects the same.

People have now comprehended how such non-state actors have long used their words to exploit them emotionally, financially, spiritually and mentally. Therefore, Balochistan is in no need of an American endorsement. Mr. Siraj might be living his ‘American dream’ but what the United States needs to realize is that he is setting a dangerous precedent internationally, especially when Pakistan and the United States reflect upon an improved equation. Also, the super-power needs to understand how an alleged terrorist living in asylum has repeatedly tried to misguide its citizens as well as dictate his ‘ideas’. With an incompatible ambition, Mr. Akbar might find Steve Coll’s words pertinent when he said that the nationalism in Pakistan is an example of its own and is one of the core variables that strengthen its unification. Also, he continued to say that the right direction is truly clicking in and is doomed to make way for a democratic Pakistan.

The area which Mr. Malik Siraj terms as the ‘information black hole’ is an asset and an integral part of Pakistan. Feudalistic designs and people like him have triggered such pessimism internationally but today tables have turned. People vote, people protest if their demands are not met with and they ask for improved public policy initiatives through better governance. A clear example is of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) where the people wanted an increased allocation for the province and was dealt with democratically by the Prime Minister himself. Reforms and initiatives that target the uplifting of the Balochistan, such as the CPEC and the hefty twenty percent rise in the education budget have injected optimism. However, this idea of challenging the Pakistani state narrative served for Mr. Akbar (hint; look at the career he thinks he has made with fellowships and his ‘threatened life’). Mr. Akbar needs to realize that the youth of Balochistan does not need this ‘short-cut’ that he has followed and promise to be a part of Pakistan permanently.

Mr. Siraj has gotten hold of free education but now he looks forward to implore people for money, citing his newspaper initiation in Balochistan. Even the 110 dollars that he has been able to generate seem to be quite too much for him. While this recruiter and supporter of banned organizations chalks out a plan for his own future, he might make the Harvard University ashamed soon as to why and how such a facilitator, actor and supporter of terrorist outfits was not only admitted but also given a degree. This is the ideology that the United States needs to shatter now so that the world knows that anti-state elements draped in the freedom-of-speech context will not be allowed any space in its territory. Mr. Siraj, be careful and beware of an encounter with Mr. Trump because if he pulls out his card, you might have to find another country for asylum.

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