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Pushing Pakistan off the edge

The overall situation of Pakistan is turning very serious and the country is heading towards a national disaster. Unfortunately the politicians are playing dangerous games with myopic and selfish objectives.

Let’s look at the political side. Monday October 2, the national assembly will pass the electoral reform amendment bill, which will allow a convicted person to head a political party. After the passage of fateful amendment, by October 3, Nawaz Sharif will tightly hold again the reigns of his party – the PMLN, which they somehow have deceitfully managed to maintain semblance of unity, despite offended Shahbaz Sharif and outbursts of Chaudary Nisar. It is not certain if the Supreme Court would intervene and declares it against the spirit of constitution. The next would be the amendment in the NAB Ordinance of 1999, which converts the onus of providing proof of innocence from the accused to the prosecution. This will effectively defang the NAB, thus it will not be possible to convict Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar. Since PMLN cannot get it through the senate, they needed support of PPP. This was the sole mission assigned to the infamous Malik Riaz. Asif Zardari also sees his own survival in this change; hence consented right away. The selection of next Chairman NAB will be a formality, which PMLN and PPP will negotiate through very shrewdly. So, it is highly unlikely that Sharif family will be convicted by the NAB.

As the nation is helplessly witnessing, Nawaz Sharif & co will systematically remove all legal, constitutional, political and moral hurdles to bring him back, and hand him over absolute powers to further plunder. After becoming the party president, he will regain absolute control over his party and by that virtue the Parliament. Desperately ambitious to become Prime Minister the fourth time; remember the malevolent and arrogant assertion by Maryam Safdar ‘rok saktey ho to rok lo’. March 2018 Senate elections would be a piece of cake and the forthcoming elections. Morality is at the lowest ebb, in the history of this nation. A proven criminal on Iqama and indicted over other crimes including money laundering will again have complete control over the reins of national decision making for next five years. Then Nawaz Sharif was to go for the kill and remove the irritants to his rule. This would have given him free hand to effectively control the Army and the Judiciary – that was the sacrosanct vision.

The Panama verdict had hit the Sharif family like a thunderbolt. This led to hastening up of the plan. The scornful G.T Road march, election of NA-120, Punjab House huddles and the London sojourns are testimony to this contemptuous conviction, cunningly wrapped in portraying innocence and political victimization, ‘mujhe kiyon nikala’. Now rather than waiting until next year, things are happening in haste and happening pronto. The superior judiciary had led the charge against the ousted Prime Minister. Now the ongoing proceedings in the NAB Court, summons being issued to the Sharif family and Ishaq Dar has brought shame to these nobles and ignoble. The most detestable, from their perspective, the proceedings being monitored by an appointed judge from the Supreme Court, who was on the bench that handed over Mr. Nawaz Sharif the fateful decision. Naturally the judiciary ought to be first in line. They are going to tinker with appointment of next Chief Judge and the judges’ age, completely taming this vital organ of this country, which is trying to bring Nawaz Sharif, his family, Ishaq Dar and their cohorts to justice.

The national economy is already doomed. Thanks to the huge foreign as well as domestic loans by Ishaq Dar, the burgeoning circular debt, the extravagant and criminally callous PMLN Govt – that continues the plunder. The recent sharp increase in electricity and oil prices is just a wakeup call. Deprived Pakistanis’ should brace for more hardships, as the artificially managed price of Rupee against US $ will spiral in days to come. The national economy is fast approaching a meltdown, as the pressure of repayment of loan starts early next year. There are already jitters in the finance Ministry as well as GHQ. Apparently, is too late to wake up to this disaster, about which Pakistani experts had been clamoring since last couple of years. But that was all disregarded and over ruled by economic managers, as political farce. Instead of being shamed, the State Bank has the audacity to issue a rejoinder, negating the truth and the impending bleak economic forecast. The irony is that hand-picked loyalist government servants remain faithful to corrupt political masters, rather than upholding interests of the state. Soliciting US help to escape from the dangerous vortex would essentially force compromise on core national security issues. Instead of taking steps on an emergent basis, the hapless and corrupt national leadership is only waiting for a miracle. Despite doling out huge amounts and favours to select media houses, the independent media houses criticizing Nawaz Sharif and the PMLN remain a thorn in their heels. A draconian law to put a muzzle on the media is under serious consideration by the Government, which has only been shelved temporarily due to political expediencies. This will be brought to life once they themselves are out of woods.

Then, they wouldn’t stop there. Next, Pakistan’s relations with India, Afghanistan, the US and China will be redefined as per politicians personal desires and self-ameliorating expediencies and not by national security considerations. The Indians remain our worst enemies; the recent video of an Indian political leaders’ avowed ambition to now cut Pakistan into four, is vivid manifestation of their ulterior aims and objectives. But in contrast, to wrest policy control from the state institutions – the Army and ISI, the political elite is in helping the Indians in achieving their dirty objectives. What is happening in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Line of Control is ominous. The statements of the newly appointed scamps to the foreign and interior ministries, remain party loyalist, venomously spit poison with utter disregard to Pakistan’s national security. By singing the same tune, they just want to appease the Americans and the Indians.

The Army remains a stumbling block. With the appointment of a new Army Chief and seeing the back of Raheel Sharif, very gleefully Nawaz Sharif assumed that Army would lose the eminence and space it had acquired in the contemporary national construct. With no convictions, the upper hand gained over the Army in the consequent of DAWN leaks and ostensibly managing to save Maryam Safdar, has emboldened the father and the daughter. Now they are seriously contemplating to cut the powers of the Chief through redefining the promotion and appointment process of senior military ranks and scrutiny of defence budget etc. This will easily transform this institution into police or civil bureaucracy like completely domesticated and subservient institution. In all probability they will also try to find a way to shift the center of gravity towards Joint Staff Headquarters from GHQ. They also desperately want to possess complete control over ISI and Pakistan’s nuclear programme, to the happiness of Indians and the Americans.

If you come to think, after being disqualified and an impending conviction, Nawaz Sharif could have stepped back and would have gradually gone into oblivion. But why has he become obsessively obstinate ? The answer is simple. What is at stake are Sharif family’s sprawling empire, the enormous economic wealth and political dynasty; which the Sharif family is so desperate to preserve. In the process, destruction of Pakistan is of no consequence to him. An injured lion is more dangerous. Imagine how the state institutions would re-accommodate Nawaz Sharif back in the system or vice versa. Under these circumstances, besides the superior judiciary, the role of present military leadership, the intelligencia, the media will be vital for maintaining sovereignty of this country. It is high time that all segments of society get their act together. Someone has to take the bull by horns and bring to a stop, this madness and vengeance with which they are hell bent upon destroying this country. It is now or never to put Pakistan back on the track of rule of law and prosperity. History will never forgive those who are at the helm of affairs.

Pakistani’s love Pakistan.

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