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MQM break again... 6th time

MQM break again… 6th time

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) – Pakistan Convener MNA Dr Farooq Sattar, who said that a sixth faction of the party is being carved in Dubai, hopes that factionalism will not split their vote bank.

Speaking at a rally on Monday in Mirpurkhas district, which he visited to shore up support for MQM-Pakistan’s December 8 public meeting in Hyderabad, he waxed sanguine over his party’s electoral outlook. Earlier, he also spoke at a reception of his rally in Tando Allahyar district.

“The people who do politics in the name of Muttahida may break off but MQM’s vote bank will remain intact,” he asserted while speaking to a fervent crowd of supporters. “The creation of new factions of the MQM has become common in the media. But let me clarify that all these groups will become like Mohen Jo Daro.”

He said the party continued to exist despite three major security operations in the last three decades. He added that in one of those operations, MQM-Haqiqi was formed to gain the Muhajir community’s support but the latter group failed.

“Many opponents desire to see the party split into several groups so that they also get a share from the weakened MQM,” said Dr Sattar, alleging that the Pakistan Peoples Party is one of the political forces aspiring to make inroads in the MQM’s strongholds.

He said the past conspiracies of breaking Muttahida show that the party always emerged stronger than before. “Pakistan’s fate is linked with MQM-Pakistan.”

He said the December 8 public meeting in Hyderabad will silence the party’s detractors who criticise the MQM-Pakistan for having lost popular support. Dr Sattar vowed to win back the National Assembly’s constituency in Mirpurkhas, which elected MQM’s candidate in the 1990 general elections.

Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar said MQM-Pakistan existed and thrived despite suffering serious jolts. “Efforts are continuing to break the party but we remain united.”

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