Pakistan has officially and clearly indicated that India is involved in supporting terrorism in Pakistan. The Pakistan Army Chief is said to have personally handed over a dossier to the US during his visit to the US. It goes without saying that he must have given the information to the Afghan President, the British Prime Minister and the Chinese President during his visits and meetings. Pakistanis have always believed that India would never forego the opportunity to exploit Pakistan’s vulnerabilities to keep it destabilized. If any more proof is needed then there is the video of the Indian Security Adviser laying out a blue print for actions against Pakistan. The orchestrated violence on the LOC and the strange explosion in a boat on the open seas are the physical manifestations of the Modi-Duval policy against Pakistan.

What the US has done with the information given to it is not known besides the stated determination to eliminate the mastermind of the Peshawar atrocity. The recent visit of the US President to India was shrouded by the bonhomie generated by ecstatic first name mentions, bear hugs and wide smiles. The most tangible result seems to have been the progress on the globally destabilizing nuclear agreement, the region destabilizing defense pact and the China irritating document detailing the joint strategic vision for the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. The Joint Communiqué and the Friendship document were just the standard cosmetic outcomes of all such visits. While answering a question on Pakistan the US President did highlight the importance of a stable prosperous Pakistan and in his departing comments he pointedly referred to the dangers of religious extremism—-knowing full well that Hindu extremist organizations had fully backed Modi’s rise to power and were still influencing policies. Pakistanis watched with amusement the public antics of a man once considered a pariah for the atrocities he had committed and the President of the country that had declared him persona non grata.


With all this in the open it is amazing that some ‘Pakistanis’ are still talking about ‘establishment mindsets’ that will not let a democratic government improve relations with India. A lady known for her Indian leanings and connections is at the forefront of this venture and a ‘gentleman’ living in a land that welcomes Pakistanis who badmouth their own country and its institutions is not too far behind. There are others who remain behind screens but never lose an opportunity to hit out at what they call the ‘establishment’. A Pakistani-American in a recent column revealed the fact that a former Ambassador of Pakistan now in the US had said that ‘the creation of Pakistan was a mistake in his opinion’! There is, of course, no comment or rebuttal from the government or its several mouthpieces. These old Pakistan bashing hands need a make-over that brings them up to date with current realities—but that may not be what their sponsors want because what they are saying is music to their ears. It is up to our media to carefully screen what they print and what they air. Pakistan does not need fifth columnists and Trojan horses.

The good thing is that the Pakistan Military and its assets are doing a sterling job of fighting the insurgents and supporting the government in the fight against terrorism—a fact that is being acknowledged and appreciated worldwide. The nation needs to come together to face the threat and ruthlessly deal with those who seek to undermine national strategy. Sir Winston Churchill famously said ‘not a word against my country shall pass my lips on foreign soil’. So doing the dirty work for others at the cost of one’s country and its institutions should not pass for criticism because it is subversion and nothing else.

By Zafar Iqbal
The writer is an entrepreneur and a concerned Pakistani citizen based in Karachi who has a keen interest in regional politics and security.

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  • Muzaffar Sheikh

    why not say it loud and clear. The ‘lady’ mentioned is none other than
    Ayesha Siddiqa Agha—once some kind of an employee in the Pakistan Navy and now
    a Indophile and a Pakistan military basher—how idiotic can one get

    • It is shameful how some Pakistani journalists and authors sell their loyalties to enemy states. These people should be exposed and the courts should declare them traitors!

  • Brad Hartford

    The Ambassador guy is an old jamaat e Islami hack who is a known
    opportunist. He was made an Ambassador for a specific purpose and he nearly
    succeeded in the nefarious design. He was however thwarted and exposed but he
    did much damage and continues to do so

  • Omar Farooque

    will no one rid us of those who seek to destroy us from within

  • Salman Azeem

    If ever a hatchet job was need it is now to rid us of the vermin who have crawled out of the woodwork

  • Zafar Ahmed

    With Modi and Duval at work we have to be out of our minds to even think of talks or trade with India—do to them what they are doing to us

  • Khaled Hossain

    India has vulnerabilities. Light a hundred fires in India—from
    Bangladesh, from Myanmar, from Nepal, in Kashmir and right in Delhi. This is
    the only language India will understand—hang those who attack us from within

  • Riaz Bhatti

    Problem with our politicians, bureaucrats and journalists (not all… but many) is that the are ready to write against their own country so willingly that our enemies like India take full advantage of it by “supporting” these so called intellectuals. Even as a nation we are more than happy to criticize our country in front of non-Pakistanis and at international forums. We must learn to do constructive criticism instead of destructive criticism of our country. Ayesha Siddiqa and Hussain Haqqani and people like Hamid Mir all deserve to be exported permanently to their beloved India for good!

  • Riaz Bhatti

    I am so happy to see so many Indian friends commenting on this post (here: You see India’s not so capable intelligence agency RAW and militant extremist groups supported by RAW and many top Indian politicians have been directly involved in terrorist activities not only Pakistan but even in their own homeland “The Incredible India”, Pakistan had no choice but to have its own strategy which at that time seemed logical and helped serve the purpose. Especially to help the oppressed people of Kashmir being kept hostage in the illegally Indian occupied Kashmir against the will of the Kashmiri people. While Indian military and RAW raped Kashmiri girls in front of their mothers, fathers, brothers, husbands and children, kidnapped young Kashmiri men and later threw their bodies full of torture marks in mass graves and burnt down their houses and businesses, Pakistan had to help these people of Kashmir. Indian military, RAW and militant organizations like Hindutva, RSS and BJP (biggest supporter being current Indian MP Modi) slaughtered, burnt and mutilated over 2000 Muslims in Indian Gujarat. Hundreds of Indians were burnt alive in Samjhota Express Train in India… While India continues to follow the policy of state sponsored terrorism against other countries and their own non-Hindu minorities like Christians, Sikhs and Muslims – At least Pakistan is trying to fight local and foreign terrorists operating within its territory; Something India does not plan to do in the near future… like one of your politicians recently said… what was it? ah yes… India will be a pure Hindu state by year 2020 after all people from religious minorities will be forcefully converted to Hinduism!

  • Akbar Mohamadzai

    Misspells his own name. Writes Zafar Iqbal instead of Sifer Yecchball. Cretin.