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Failed opposition and the new NAB chief

Yesterday Khursheed Shah announced the name of the Chairman NAB while Law Ministry issued the notification of appointment. There were social media chatters that the Chairman NAB was decided by consultation between Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif through Malik Riaz. There was also a report by Pakistan Today that PML N returned the favor to PPP who agreed on the name of last Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman that was recommended by PML N. So muk mukka as well as wata sata played a key role in the appointment of a new chairman.

We have been in touch with all political parties on the question of Chairman NAB and submitted three names for consideration. We made it clear to them that choosing a retired judge for an administrative position may not be advisable. We also suggested that a joint meeting of parties be held to choose from among the names recommended. Such meaningful consultation seems to be missing. Khursheed Shah says four meetings were held with PM Khaqan Abbasi. Did he forward minutes of meeting to all opposition parties so that they are aware of the progress made? We will devise our next steps about new Chairman NAB after consulting with our team.

A few days ago I had demanded that Khursheed Shah should sit on treasury benches as he is a leader of the opposition in name only. In reality, he is just a rubber stamp of “muk mukka” of Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Khursheed Shah should provide details of development funds spent in his constituency in last four years in return for this service. If he remains in this position then all of us should say goodbye to free and fair next general elections. The reaction of analysts and commentators suggest that new Chairman NAB will be a rubber stamp as well.

Khursheed Shah has failed to provide real opposition to PML N government. I once again advise PPP to offer another person for the leader of the opposition so that opposition remain united to make key decisions on next general elections. Khursheed Shah and Raza Rabbani act as agents of Asif Ali Zardari rather than represent PPP and have inflicted deep damage to their party reputation and contributed towards the erosion of their vote bank.

by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

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