Wednesday , 14 November 2018
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Indian false flag operations and lawfare tactics

The year 2016 was saturated with Indian blame games against Pakistan and several cross-border violations. January 2016 manifested the Pathankot attacks on an Indian airbase, the immediate Indian response pointed to militant outfits and Pakistani complicity. The Pathankot issue soon died down – without revealing any substantial links to Pakistan. Later in the year- in September 2016- India once again …

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The Defining Moment

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has acquitted Asia Bibi in the blasphemy case. She lost eight years of her life for a crime that she did not commit and no one can return those years to her and her life remains under threat. The country has been brought to a virtual standstill by the right-wing religious parties and some individuals, …

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Obvious perceptions

Few weeks back Zardari, his sister and three of their main henchmen were produced before the Banking Court. These fellows are not yet convicted but are accused of astronomical volumes of money laundering through hundreds of fake accounts. So were and are Sharifs being brought before NAB Courts albeit they are convicts. Have you noticed the difference between the two …

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Why The World Is Laughing at Donald Trump

When it was first announced that President Donald Trump would be chairing the UNGA meeting, reactions ranging from dread to amused anticipation swept across the spectrum of global opinion. When the President on the morning of 25th September stood on the historic podium of the General Assembly that has been graced by towering figures in history, the last reaction that …

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Saudi Arabia and the West: The issue of Human Rights

In August 2018, Saudi Arabia and Canada had a falling out over a tweet sent by Canada’s foreign minister regarding release of Saudi human right activist. This incident resulted in a freeze in Saudi-Canadian trade ties, expulsion of Canadian ambassador to Saudi, and repatriation of Saudi students in Canadian institutions.  The spat also put in doldrums the $15 billion arms …

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PTI post elections

The initial outcome of the elections produced a less than decisive outcome for PTI- despite emerging as the most favored party- it still fell short on the minimum benchmark to form its governments in Center. Key party members- especially Jehangir Tareen- were depicted in social media memes for concentrated efforts in trying to tilt independent candidates and smaller parties in …

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