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Economic chaos

Not much to write home about While everyone would be out to pin them on someone else, but the fact of the matter is that the next government is going to inherit precipitously plunging fiscal numbers. Among these are the following. $37.7 billion is the current trade deficit, which has reached an all-time high. 39,288 points is where the stock …

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Next Government to inherit IMF deal

The new government would have no other option than to approach International Monetary Fund (IMF) for bailout package amid deteriorating economic situation of the country that is going from bad to worse.  Pakistan’s economic situation is deteriorating with the passage of time as rupee is depreciating sharply, foreign exchange reserves are tumbling, current account and budget deficits are widening more than …

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Pakistan seeks enhanced trade volume with Turkey

Pakistan-Turkey trade volume needs to be enhanced, economic cooperation strengthened :Saleem Manviwalla Deputy Chairman Senate Senator Saleem Mandviwalla has said that great potential exists for increasing trade and investment between Pakistan and Turkey and both sides need to devise mechanisms for boosting economic cooperation for mutual benefit of the people of Pakistan and Turkey. The Deputy Chairman Senate expressed these …

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Pakistan will have to bank on IMF

IMF program ‘inevitable’, says Pakistan Business Council Pakistan Business Council (PBC) has launched 100-day economic agenda for the upcoming government. PBC Chief Executive Ehsan Malik said relying on short-term loans is not sustainable and an IMF program is inevitable. The opposition and the government must take this opportunity to work together to revive domestic manufacturing. He said short-term solutions aim …

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