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FC troops earn Supreme Court’s wrath

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The Frontier Corps Balochistan once again earned the Supreme Court’s wrath when it failed to comply with its orders in either presenting the ‘missing’ persons or its commandant on Thursday.

A three-member bench of the apex court was hearing a petition filed by the Balochistan Bar Association on the law and order situation in the province, at its Quetta registry, on Thursday.

FC counsel Raja Irshad sought more time from the court to produce one Abdul Malik – who went ‘missing’ from Nushki district some two years back – saying he had not received inquiry reports of the case.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, however, informed the counsel that the police had made an inquiry into Malik’s case and the FC had been blamed for the disappearance. “Produce either Malik or the FC commandment before the court, otherwise the law will take its natural course,” he warned.

However, Irshad insisted on more time to produce Malik, while also denying that the FC had detained any missing persons.

The chief justice, however, remarked that they have heard these words 10 times and now only want results.

The court directed for Malik to be presented today (Friday).

Irshad went on to say that whenever the FC takes action against miscreants, it is criticised. He told the court there was another side to the story, which he could not state before the court just then.

The bench had earlier directed the FC to present either the 14 missing persons from Tutak, Khuzdar – who were allegedly picked up by the FC last year – before the court or the FC commandment.

“If the chief secretary can appear before the court why can’t the FC Commandment?” Chief Justice Chaudhry asked.

The court also asked Lieutenant General Tariq and Major Tahir to appear before the court on Friday in connection with Tutak incident.

Meanwhile, upon learning that there was lack of progress  in another ‘missing’ person’s case, the chief justice directed the Balochistan chief secretary to state in writing that the provincial government was powerless and could not do anything.

“You tell us where the relatives of missing persons should go,” he told the chief secretary.

Sorange incident

Meanwhile, the court also expressed concern over the killing of seven coal miners who were kidnapped from the Sorange area. Justice Khilji regretted that the incident occurred despite the presence of a large number of law enforcement agencies.

“Everyone is busy with his own business and no one is worried for Balochistan,” he remarked, adding that he wept in 1971 over Pakistan’s tragedy and did not wish to experience the same situation.

The court ordered for the formation of a high-level committee to investigate the Sorange incident and produce a report before it. “Corruption is rampant [in Balochistan] and everyone is blaming each other,” the chief justice remarked.

Kidnappings for ransom

Earlier, while hearing about incidents of kidnappings for ransom, the chief justice said that the police had completely failed in maintaining law and order in the province.

He added that most crimes occur in areas that are controlled by the police.

Article Source:
The Express Tribune


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