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ECP releases details about its nation-wide display centres

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In a bid to remove errors from electoral lists, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has released details of display centres for the lists around the country, officials said on Sunday.

Around 50,000 display centres have been established in 129 districts of all the provinces. The electoral lists will be put on display at these centres for 21 days, officials told The Express Tribune. All voters will be able to register their complaints with ECP representatives at the centres.

The voter lists will be on display in 44 districts of Punjab, 26 districts of Sindh, 29 of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and 30 districts of Balochistan. If their names are missing, voters may also get their names enrolled within the given time. The ECP has trained over 65,000 officials at display centres to correct mistakes in the Preliminary Electoral Rolls (PERs). The National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) handed over the PERs to the ECP last week.

The final electoral rolls will be published on May 25, according to an ECP spokesperson. He added that with the data entry of 81 million voters, approximately 80 per cent of data entry has been completed by NADRA with the help of 6,000 operators.

Around 11 million new voters have been added to the voter list – of the 81 million voters so far, 31 million are women.

Provincial breakdown of voters

In Punjab, 40.95 million people have been registered as voters. In Sindh, 10.93 million people, and in K-P, 10.2 million people have so far been registered as voters. Likewise, in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, the names of 1.68 million people have been included in the PERs. In Balochistan, 3.3 million voters have so far been registered as eligible voters. In Islamabad, 791,000 people have been included in the PERs.

Earlier, the ECP had stated that the deadline given by the Supreme Court to purge the lists of bogus votes by February 23, 2012 was ‘not humanly possible’, and had sought assistance from political parties for extension of the deadline.

Article Source:
The Express Tribune


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